Resurge Dietary Supplement Review: The Revolutionary Weight Loss Formula


A healthy and fit body is what we all desire. But for some of us, a toned body is a far-fetched dream. No matter how many diets you follow, or how hard you work out, the stubborn body fat doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

  • Are you among those individuals who are concerned about being overweight?

  • Does your body weight make you feel uncomfortable?

  • Are you looking for an effective solution to say goodbye to all those extra pounds?

If the answer to all the above questions is a ‘yes’, then you are at the right place.

In this article, we are going to review Resurge dietary supplement pills that have caught a lot of attention for all the right and good reasons.

Heard of this dietary pill and can’t make up your mind if it’s the right one for you? Please read this in-depth review about Resurge dietary supplement so that you may be able to make an informed decision whether this product is the one for you.

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1. Resurge Supplement: An Overview

Sleep is one of the most important factors that affect many aspects of the human body and one of them is weight. Stressful lives and a busy schedule leave very little time for most people to have a sound sleep.

Lack of sleep is known to slow down the metabolism as a result of which the fat burning process of your body becomes poor. Thus, you gain weight. However, not much attention has been paid to this important factor and this is the reason why most of the solutions fail to reduce weight. This is where the Resurge dietary supplement shines. The key features that make it different from other products out there are:

a. This weight loss product is based on deep sleep and high support formula that burn excess body fat and also maximizes the healing potential of the body.

b. It is an all-natural formula that aims to improve your overall health with no side effects.

c. Resurge works by optimizing the body’s metabolism and boosts it to help melt stubborn fat.

Once you start consuming Resurge, the body begins to burn the stored fat and turn it into energy and this is how the weight reduction takes place.

2. What is Resurge?

Resurge is a 100% safe and natural dietary supplement pill that aids in weight loss. This holistic product assists the body to burn excess fat by regulating your body’s metabolic activity. To do so, it first sets the right sleeping pattern by helping you to sleep faster and better.

Once the sleep cycle is set right it gives a boost to the metabolism. This leads to efficient burning of fat and provides more energy to the body.

Resurge is a vegan-friendly and gluten-free product that can help you to reduce weight faster, induce sound sleep, suppresses unnecessary food cravings and improves your overall health.

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3. Who is behind Resurge dietary supplement?

John Barban is the name behind Resurge supplement. With a degree in Human Biology and Nutrition, he is a renowned expert in metabolism and weight loss. Having struggled with visceral fat, low metabolic activity, and depression himself, John Barban researched and came up with a solution, the ‘Resurge Supplement’.

John Barban has worked with several well-known brands like BlueStar, ADS, Slimquick, etc. Being in the dietary and sports supplement industry for many years he has helped men and women of all sizes and shapes.

Fitness programs like Belly Forever, V-Taper solution, and Adonis work out, are all creations of John Barban. His work speaks loudly for him and their success is also well-known. So, the quality and effectiveness of Resurge Supplement can be ascertained by the credibility of the man behind it.

4. How does Resurge work to help you lose weight?

The unique blend of ingredients in Resurge pills work to reverse the effects of visceral fat, aging, and lethargy. It is one of the most effective supplements that helps to burn fat, gives good sleep, and enhances metabolic activity too. Resurge works in the following ways:

a. Improves Sleep

Sound sleep is the secret to a healthy body. Lack of sleep can cause several health issues like heart disease, memory swing, memory impairment, etc. An individual spends as much as 25% to 33% of the day in bed if he/she sleeps for 6-8 hours each day.

As per reports, sleep deprivation is among the major reasons for obesity and weight-related issues too. And hence, the primary target of this supplement is to get your sleeping habit on the right track and consequently impact metabolic activity.

By optimizing the sleep cycle, and inducing deep sleep it enables digestion and metabolism to work at their optimum capacities.

b. Enhances the metabolic activity

As you age, the metabolic function becomes slow and this results in the storage of fat. Resurge fixes this metabolic slowdown by tapping on the sleep pattern.

Technically speaking, your body’s metabolism and deep sleep are directly proportional to each other. This means when you are in deep sleep the body’s metabolic activity surges. The REM phase of deep sleep is a metabolically active one, whereas NREM is the least active phase.

A boost in metabolic activity helps to burn the stored fat efficiently thereby reducing weight. John Barban included in Resurge the best 8 ingredients that enhance metabolic activity among both men and women.

c. Impacts the hormones

The production of the HGH hormone is inhibited when you don’t get good sleep resulting in decreased metabolism. Resurge supplement enhances the production of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to tackle the root cause of obesity.

Resurge also regulates the levels of leptin and ghrelin hormones. A sleep-deprived person’s body produces less leptin (hunger suppresser) and this gives rise to ghrelin (hunger hormone). Thus, the result is unnecessary eating and weight gain.

Resurge assists the brain to relax and helps the body to enter into a deep sleep stage for a longer time. Your brain’s activity at that time is reduced which allows it to be stress-free and calm.

With Resurge supplement, the body also receives essential nutrients and vitamins that benefit the body and help it to rejuvenate. Thus, Resurge can save you from spending a fortune on ineffective treatments and difficult diet plans too. It is an affordable and effective way to lose weight the right way.

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5. Does Resurge work for everyone?

Resurge dietary supplement can work effectively if you consume it regularly combined with a good lifestyle and healthy eating habits. It can prove to be an effective weight loss solution for:

a. Those who have struggled with fad diets with no success at losing weight.

b. People with a sleep disorder, unusual sleep patterns, and poor sleep quality, etc. If you are over 40 years of age and are having trouble sleeping at night then this supplement can be the one for you to improve the body’s metabolic rate by inducing deep sleep.

c. Those who are habituated to binge eating. It works by suppressing unnecessary food cravings by regulating the hormones and saves you from putting on weight.

Note: Though the supplement does its job pretty well, the onus of making it a life-changing product lies with the consumer. To maximize the benefits of Resurge you need to add sufficient exercising and appropriate diet regulation into your life. Also, you need to consume it daily for a couple of months to see the desired results.

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6. Resurge Ingredients: How are they effective?

One of the most impressive features of this supplement is its unique blend of ingredients. The supplement consists of a gluten free formula that is backed by scientifically proven ingredients. Each of them is natural, has health benefits, and aids in weight loss too. Let us now explore the ingredients in Resurge Dietary Supplement:

a. Hydroxytryptophan (100 mg)

Hydroxytryptophan is known to help you sleep faster. It lets you sleep longer and also assists in the secretion of the chemical serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that promotes calmness and infuses a better sleep pattern.

Thus, this ingredient in Resurge improves sleep, mood, and also relieves anxiety and stress. It can be concluded that Hydroxytryptophan solves a major issue of sleep deprivation which is one of the top reasons for weight gain.

b. Melatonin (10 mg)

This hormone in the body is responsible for regulating the sleep cycle in the body. Melatonin is also called the “darkness hormone” as it is responsible for sending out a signal to the brain that it is time to sleep.

Melatonin is an antioxidant that eliminates free radicals from the body. So when you consume Melatonin, you sleep faster and wake up fresh and energetic.

c. Ashwagandha (150 mg)

Ashwagandha is a medicinal plant that is revered in India since ancient times. It is well-known for combatting various health issues like diabetes, insomnia, etc. The inclusion of this herb in Resurge makes sure your sleep pattern is maintained at an optimum level.

Reports also indicate that Ashwagandha is capable of reducing stress levels, boosting brain function, and regulating the level of bad cholesterol.

d. L- Arginine (1200 mg)

It is an amino acid that has been included in this supplement as it comes with several benefits.

L- Arginine helps the body to make protein, controls unwanted hunger, regulates blood pressure, and also promotes healthy communication between cells.

L-Arginine is also an effective stress reliever and can be used in the treatment of heart diseases and blood pressure. Since this amino acid is mostly available in poultry foods like fish and meat, vegans looking for a weight loss solution can benefit from Resurge. The amino acid also aids in physical performance and boosts immunity.

It is also capable of stimulating fat metabolism. L-Arginine also supports muscle development. Thus, when you burn the stubborn fat it is replaced with lean and healthy muscle mass.

e. L-Lysine (1200 mg)

L-Lysine is another amino acid that has been included in the Resurge supplement to enhance its effectiveness.

Since your body cannot synthesize this amino acid by itself you have to consume it from external sources.

L-Lysine has the potential to reduce stress, boost the serotonin level, and also improves brain function.

L-Lysine along with L-Arginine facilitates better absorption of nutrients which in turn, leads to a well-performing metabolic function.

f. L-Theanine (200 mg)

This amino acid is known to promote relaxation and reduce stress. It is a cognitive booster and supports the production of GABA and serotonin. Both these chemicals are produced by L-Theanine and are responsible for lifting the mood and helping you to sleep soundly.

This natural phytonutrient works to eliminate the toxins out of the body and also improves the cognitive responses of the brain. Since this ingredient also protects your blood vessels, it has an important place in the ingredients list of Resurge supplement.

g. Magnesium (50 mg) & Zinc (15 mg)

The function of these 2 powerful minerals is to help the absorption of all the other ingredients in the body. Magnesium and Zinc are known to restore neurotransmitters that aid in better metabolism and promote good sleep.

Among the many benefits of these minerals are that they help you with morning alertness, and keep you energetic and fresh when you wake up.

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7. Benefits of Resurge Supplement

The Resurge supplement comes in easy to take capsules and provides many health benefits apart from aiding in weight loss. Here are some of those benefits:

a. Induces peaceful sleep

One of the foremost benefits of Resurge is that it induces a peaceful night’s sleep. The ingredients of the supplement help you to fall asleep faster and also let you sleep for an adequate number of hours each night. This way, your body can relax and recover from the tiredness of the day activities. By improving the sleep quality, this supplement ensures that sleep deprivation symptoms like fatigue, increased hunger, and decreased energy levels are controlled. Once this happens all the body functions fall in the right place making you feel better.

b. Improves the energy levels

A peaceful night’s sleep takes away all stress and helps you to wake up fresh and charged up. You wake up in the morning with better energy levels and this also motivates you to take up on the day’s activities with increased motivation.

c. Mental well-being

The ingredients in Resurge supplement are chosen carefully to enhance your mental performance and well-being. Magnesium, zinc, and L-Theanine boost the production of neurotransmitters in the brain that lift the mood and keep you relaxed. Thus, your mental well-being is taken care of correctly.

d. Reduced hunger pangs/cravings

Sleep deprivation is one of the causes of unnecessary eating leading to weight gain. When hunger pang strikes, you end up eating unhealthy and sugary foods that give you an instant burst of energy but leave you feeling hungrier soon.

By inducing deep sleep, Resurge reduces the occurrence of such cravings and thus helps you to lose weight. Ingredients like L-Arginine work to control the hunger pangs and save you from bad eating habits.

e. Keeps you safe from many diseases

Obesity and unnecessary weight gain have adverse effects on overall health. It can give rise to health issues like heart disease, strokes, kidney failure, etc. By helping you to cut down the extra pounds, Resurge supplement also saves you from the hazards of other life-threatening diseases.

f. Maintains healthy and balanced bodyweight

Resurge as a dietary supplement helps to maintain healthy body weight by improving the metabolism of the body. It ensures that all the bodily functions give their best performance to aid in faster and effective weight management.

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8. Resurge Side Effects

There are no major side effects of this supplement on the consumer’s health as it is an all-natural and organic formula. Each ingredient is included only after checking for its scientific accuracy.

Some people may experience initial minor side effects like nausea and headache, that can happen with any new medication that you start.

These initial minor side effects are not long-lasting and will subside with time. However, if you are consuming other health drugs, it can change the chemical composition and lead to additional minor side effects. For this, we recommend you to take advice from your doctor and then consume Resurge.

Also, in Resurge Supplement there are no harmful chemicals or sleep-enhancing medication like Ambien. Thus, this weight loss pill is safe for including in your daily routine as consists of Melatonin which is naturally produced by the body.

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9. Dosage for Resurge Supplement

Each bottle of Resurge comes with 120 capsules, makes it a supply for one month. By taking the supplement in the prescribed dosage your body functions are set at an optimal level, the process of aging is slowed down, blood sugar level is controlled, and cancer-causing cells are also destroyed.

The dosage:

a. You are required to consume 4 tablets each night an hour before going to bed with a glass of water.

b. If you want this supplement to benefit you fully then make sure that you take it every day without fail.

c. To get the most out of this supplement it is advisable to consume it for 90 days.

d. Consuming the Resurge supplement for 3-6 months shows a drastic improvement in health and aids in efficient weight loss too.

Taking the right dosage will maximize the benefits and give you faster weight loss results.

Note: Do not consume Resurge with any other sleep supplement or sleep drug as it may make you sleepy or drowsy.

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10. Pros and Cons of Resurge Supplement

a. Here are the main Pros for the Resurge Supplement:

i. Based on natural ingredients

Resurge is a 100% natural and safe formula for weight loss without any proven major side effects. Every ingredient is carefully procured from the purest sources to maximize its benefits in the supplement.

There are no added chemicals, artificial ingredients, etc. Thus, it gives you full health benefit without causing any harm.

ii. Induces deep and sound sleep at night

The primary aim of this supplement is to get your sleep cycle on track. Thus, it uses ingredients that help you to sleep faster and keep you in a state of deep sleep for longer.

iii. Helps to get rid of fat effectively

Once the sleep pattern is set right, all the bodily functions including the metabolic activity fall back in place. Thus, the fat burning process takes place faster and your body burns the fat instead of storing it.

iv. Several health benefits

By consuming Resurge supplement you get several other health benefits. Some of these benefits include:

o Better memory and focus

o Improves the overall energy level

o Good heart health

o Gives a boost to the overall health

o Makes you stress-free and relax

o Maintains hormonal balance

v. Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee

The 60-day money-back guarantee of the Resurge supplement gives the users a peace of mind. If you don’t see the expected results from the supplement you can always claim a refund and get your money back.

vi. Affordable weight loss solution

This weight loss formula is priced very reasonably and hence, it is affordable by all. It can easily fit into your daily routine and you can also benefit from the discounts that the company offers.

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b. Here are the main Cons for the Resurge Supplement:

i. Not for people under 18.

ii. Can be purchased only through the official website of the company.

iii. Not suitable for pregnant ladies, and lactating mothers.

11. Where to buy Resurge from?

Resurge weight loss supplement can only be purchased from the official website of the product. It is not available for purchase from any third party, physical stores or any other online store including Amazon. Thus, if any other website is claiming to sell Resurge do not fall trap to their claims and get your supply from Resurge website only.

Buying from the official website makes sure you have the original product in your hands and you can also avail their 60-days money-back guarantee if anything goes wrong.

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12. Resurge Pricing and Discounts

Resurge supplement is priced reasonably making it affordable for everyone. This dietary supplement can easily fit into your monthly budget without burning a hole in your pocket.

Also, when you order bulk quantities, the company offers you an additional discount making the supplement even more beneficial.

The Following are the Possible pricing & discounts:

· 1 bottle: $49

· 3 bottles: $39 each

· 6 bottles: $34 each

Thus, it is evident that when you order more supply of Resurge supplement you end up saving more. The above-mentioned costs are exclusive of shipping and handling charges.

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13. Resurge Shipping and Return Policy

a. Here is the Shipping Policy for Resurge Supplements:

Resurge supplement is available for shipping all over the world. If you are a resident of the USA or Canada then the product can reach you within 5-7 business days. However, for international customers, it can take anywhere between 8-15 days.

Ordering the Resurge supplement will attract some shipping charges from the manufacturer. However, there is only a minimal shipping amount levied and nothing extraordinarily high.

b. Here is the Return Policy for Resurge Supplements:

The most assuring feature of this supplement is the return policy. To ensure 100% satisfaction of the users, the company gives a 60-day money-back policy. Under this return policy, a buyer is allowed to return the product anytime up to 60 days from the date of purchase.

If you find that the product is not giving the results as claimed or you are unsatisfied in any way with the product you can exercise the return option.

14. How to get a refund?

If you want to return the product and demand a refund you can contact the company on their toll-free number or send an email at

All you need to do is send the opened or empty bottle of the supplement back to the company. They will then confirm your return and refund you the amount by deducting the shipping and handling costs.

By doing so, the company reassures the customers of a risk-free experience. Also, this policy is highly beneficial for those who are skeptical about the product but also want to give it a try.

15. How many bottles should one buy?

a. Resurge supplement is available in 3 formats: 30 days, 90 days, and 180 days.

b. The formula takes some time to work and hence, opting for a 30-day supply would be too little.

c. It is recommended to buy at least 90-180 day’s supply of Resurge for optimal results and to ensure that it makes a difference in your body weight.

d. By consuming the supplement for a minimum of 90 days you will be able to decide if it’s working for you.

If you think your body is transforming and there is a noticeable difference, you can later go ahead and buy a 180 day supply too. Buying more quantities will also fetch you some discount on the price thus, providing you with the double benefit of health and wealth.

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16. Is it safe to consume Resurge?

Resurge weight loss supplement contains 8 essential ingredients that are added in their most natural form. These ingredients are procured from the most trusted and pure sources.

Additionally, there are no added chemicals or artificial additives, unlike other weight loss supplements. Hence this supplement is a completely safe product to consume.

Since it is based on an all-natural formula you can take it with peace of mind and rest assured that it will work to boost the metabolic activity in the body and give you satisfactory results.

Lastly, it is manufactured in state-of-art USA facilities in a strict and aseptic environment, thus, it is completely a safe product.

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17. How long does Resurge take to work?

There is no exact time frame mentioned for the supplement to start showing results. Also, the results depend on the body type and other factors that play a role alongside, like diet and exercise.

If the pill is consumed regularly as per the prescribed dosage then it can start showing results anywhere between 30-90 days. However, for showing optimal results and helping you to achieve your ideal weight the manufacturer claims that it can take 90 to 180 days.

Some users also have claimed that it took them 3 months and more to normalize the sleep quality, boost the metabolism, and get the hormones at their optimal level.

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18. Who should use Resurge Pills?

This dietary product can be used by anyone above the age of 18 years, hence:

a. It is highly recommended for those who want to lose weight with the help of a safe formula.

b. If you are looking for good quality sleep and enhance your overall health then this product is the right one for you. However, one should not use it as a sleeping pill.

c. Those above 35 and 40 years of age and are struggling with an irregular sleep routine and unaccounted weight gain can also benefit from this.

d. This supplement is also beneficial for those who want to get control over binge eating and restore their health.

19. Who should not consume it?

This supplement is, however, not recommended for everyone out there. There are some categories of people who should refrain from consuming this supplement. For instance:

a. If you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant, or breastfeeding a baby, then you should not consider including this in your diet.

b. Individuals below the age of 18 years should also refrain from consuming Resurge supplements.

c. If you are suffering from any chronic health condition then it is highly recommended to consult your doctor and ask his opinion before taking this supplement.

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20. Resurge Supplement: Frequently Asked Questions

a. Is it appropriate for everyday consumption?

Yes. As per the dosage prescribed by the manufacturer this supplement has to be consumed daily for efficient results.

b. Will it work for me?

The answer to this question is a “Yes”. Resurge supplement is based on the logic that tries to improve the sleep patterns to set the metabolic activity right. Also, the ingredients used in the formula are backed by research and are known to have a positive impact on health.

c. How quickly can I receive it?

If you are a resident of the USA or Canada, then you can receive it in 5-7 days. For other international residents, the delivery can take anywhere between 8-15 days, by FedEx or UPS.

d. What if I am not satisfied with the supplement?

While this product works for a vast majority of users, there will be some who may find it unsatisfactory. This is the case with most prescription drugs too. So if you don’t find this pill working greatly you need not panic. The company has made arrangements to protect your money with a solid 60 days money-back guarantee plan.

To get a refund, you can directly call up or email the company and tell them about your concerns. You will be asked to send the product back to the company and they will send your refund promptly.

e. Will I have to pay more after I am billed?

Not at all. There is only a one-time payment required to purchase Resurge. There are no hidden charges, or any sort of subscription fees that you have to pay later.

f. What is the contact for Resurge?

Resurge support team can be contacted 24/7 at

g. Are there any complaints?

Up to date, there have been no Resurge complaints from users as it is a legitimate product manufactured in the U.S under strict protocols.

Nothing is perfect, but with regards to Resurge, it can be said that users have showered it with positive feedback and appreciated its results.

Some of the complaints that were received for this product are from those consumers who got trapped by sellers providing fake supplement. Hence, it is highly advisable to buy only from the official website.

h. Is it FDA approved?

It is a standard practice that none of the dietary supplements is approved by the FDA. However, the Resurge supplement is produced in an FDA-approved facility in the USA that adheres to all the guidelines and protocols.

i. Can I take Resurge if I am under medication?

It is best to consult your doctor and ask for his opinion on the supplement if you are under specific medications.

j. Is it safe for diabetics?

Yes. This weight loss formula is made with 100% natural ingredients hence it is safe for diabetic too.

k. Is Resurge available at Amazon or Walmart?

No. Resurge dietary supplement is not available at any of the online stores except on the official website of the company. Any other offline or online store offering Resurge is a scam and it is best to stay away from such sellers.

l. Is it GMP certified?

Yes. This supplement is produced in an FDA-approved facility where GMP guidelines are strictly followed.

m. Does it work for both men and women?

Yes. This supplement is equally effective for both men and women. Anyone above 18 years of age looking for a safe weight loss solution can benefit from Resurge. The Resurge formula is known to have anti-aging effects too.

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21. Resurge Dietary Supplement: Legit or Scam?

Resurge supplement is not a scam as it comes from a well-known expert in the weight loss industry. Though there were concerns regarding the product not being sold on other online stores, there can be many legitimate reasons for a company to sideline online stores like Amazon etc. given the hassle of pitching the product and qualifying for selling through such stores.

The product is formulated using 100% natural and high-quality ingredients and hence, the result that it provides is realistic and impressive.

A vast majority of the users who took this supplement have applauded it for its efficiency and remarkable results in weight loss. This supplement is also recommended by many health practitioners and this only adds to its legitimacy.

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22. Resurge Supplement: Is it worth trying?

The answer to this question is YES and for all the right and good reasons. The Following are the reasons that make Resurge worth the investment:

a. Based on Research

It is researched and developed by an expert in the field of metabolism and weight loss who has worked in close connection with reputed fitness brands and also has a credibility of his own.

b. All-natural formula

The formula consists of all-natural ingredients that have proven health benefits. Each ingredient included in the supplement is well-known for its efficacy and are free from any additives and artificial substitute. Since there are no side effects so it’s worth giving it a try.

c. The logic behind Resurge

It works on scientific principles and hence, there is logic behind its formulation. The supplement aims to improve the body’s metabolic activity by tackling sleep problems that have a direct impact on body weight.

d. Money-back guarantee

The product is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee which means buyers have nothing to lose. There are no secret policies and no hidden charges whatsoever.

e. Legit and life-changer

We can say that Resurge is a legit product and can be a life-changer for all those individuals who are looking to achieve their weight loss goals. There are numerous positive reviews from customers who have used it.

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23. Resurge Weight Loss Supplement Review: Final thoughts

To sum up, we can say that Resurge supplement is the answer for all those individuals who are struggling with weight loss issues:

a. It is formulated to help people achieve a healthy body and bringing their weight down without harming the overall health.

b. This weight loss formula is a unique blend of 8 ingredients that induce peaceful and deep sleep.

c. It works to give a boost to metabolic activity which leads to fat burning.

d. The all-natural ingredients make it a safe way to reduce weight without any side effects.

e. Also, the manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee to the buyers thus assuring that the product is legit and does not have any discrepancies.

Though the results may start showing gradually, this supplement is worth trying and taking your first step toward a healthy body and ideal weight.

However, don’t forget to supplement Resurge with appropriate lifestyle changes, healthy eating, and regular exercises.

So what are you waiting for? If a fit body is your dream then Resurge supplement can help you achieve it.

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